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i <3 newgorunds

2009-03-01 16:17:51 by kyleanime

got to say love the art forms
much thx to all that have taken the time to replay to the work i have posted on there

from the one and only


i <3 newgorunds


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2009-03-14 17:33:36

di boasie mon is the i-rey on the NG, ya hear mon? bubu's mon dont liek the NG, he be bloodclot bastard living with the dreadlocks' boay. the i and i know now NG be ground to di dub teh Jah and i know the NG is di Lion n Babylon!

kyleanime responds:

... yes?

would that be the right thing to say here?!?!?!?!?

* some one help me out here lol <3


2009-03-15 20:39:20

I really love your drawings, kyleanime. You're really good, and you have a great style.

kyleanime responds:

thx :D i try and do my best :D


2009-03-30 13:20:13


kyleanime responds: